Though widely accepted that a car is a necessity in our daily life, it is not so easy to own a car. Especially for those of us who want to get their value for money in obtaining a car that is efficient, provides the utilities that he desires, at a fair price.
       The main obstacle to the buyer is that he cannot compare the information of all cars, be it technical, service, price, hire purchase conditions - within the limited time available. At the same time, the manufacturer and distributor are facing a similar problem of not being able to present their products and service as well as information and data to the tremendous number of potential customers.
       At this juncture between demand and supply, Inter-Media Consultant Co., Ltd. steps in to take the catalyst role by organizing the Thailand International Motor Expo to facilitate not only the selling of cars , motorcycles , commercial vehicles , and ancillary equipment but also to create a good relationship and understanding among all players concerned-whether between makers and consumers , the private sector and the Government , sales agents and their corresponding overseas manufacturers , or between the auto circle and others in the country.
       It can be said that Thailand International Motor Expo has been playing a crucial role in the development of the Thai automotive industry throughout the past two decades, and we shall continue to play this important role right through the new decade and century.


       Every time we organized a "Thailand International Motor Expo" what we never neglected to take care of, apart from making sure the Exposition was as near perfect as possible, was the satisfaction of participants and visitors. With regard to visitors , we would make an opinion survey every year by means of questionnaire and use the feedback opinions to improve our show in subsequent years.
       From such questionnaires we learn that the first thing the majority of visitors want is the convenience of the exposition venue , both exhibition area and parking area.In addition, the traffic in the vicinity should flow fairly freely, which is in accordance with the needs of the exhibitors and also of ourselves, who ultimately have to be responsible for the maximum satisfaction of all parties.
       And it is a wonderful opportunity that the 13th Asian Games or Bangkok Games held at the end of 1998 has brought about many modern and magnificent sports stadiums in the suburb of the Bangkok Metropolis, served by the new expressway and mass transit that can convey people from the city centre right up there so fast and so conveniently, as already proven during the period of the Games.
       Thus we did not hesitate to choose IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center,Muang Thong Thani, Chaeng Wattana Road as the new venue for holding the "Thailand International Motor Expo", with its potential reaching well beyond being a mere "exhibition center" to include every aspect of a "city", whether in terms of spacious parking areas, clearly divided between visitors' and exhibitors', a reliable security system, food courts of various kinds and price brackets, ATM machines, multiple traffic route linkages, conveniently accessible by both private and public mass transport, also facilitating the concurrent miscellaneous recreational activities that we shall be arranging.
       Therefore the "Thailand International Motor Expo" at the new IMPACT Challenger, Muang Thong Thani is ready to welcome everyone in the family, regardless of sex or age, to benefit something from the outing, which is our proven formula of success - both for the exhibitors and ourselves.


       For participating companies, we know the values of time, planning, investment and economy. Our guideline for action is based on a single standard which is not changeable, concise in practice, and facilitates long-term planning, time-saving and expense-economising. Construction and decorative materials can be so designed as to be reused again and again with only minor modifications. Discipline and adherence to well established rules, we believe, are essential factors that add value to the work, create respectable society and build a culture that is accepted internationally.
       We are ever proud of the fact that we have played a role in helping nurture a decent civilisation in our society. Inter-Media Consultant Co., Ltd., with its team of staff under the one and only original administrator, is fully prepared to support your public relations plan to promote your company's reputation and products. We constantly realise that only through your co-operation and generous consideration can we walk together towards our respective glories.
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