This Year's Concept


Ride and Drive Together Now 

Throughout the past decade, the Thai auto market has been expanding massively, reaching every niche in the market with varied lifestyle, taste and preference. Consequently, the term "motor vehicle" now refers not only to cars as in the past but also includes motorcycles, boats and small aircraft as well as any other type of vehicle that can whisk us to our destinations.
Furthermore, each type of vehicle has been designed to meet specific requirements, for example cars are categorized into sedans, SUVs, MPVs and commercial vehicles while the sources of energy to drive them are selectable such as fossil fuels, a hybrid of fuel and electricity, or pure electricity. 
While motorcycles and boats along with other vehicles may be less diverse, there have been technological developments to cater to the preferred driving style and travel experience.
In any case, though motor vehicles may have their own identities, looks, features and innovations, they are all well equipped with modern technologies, safety features and are environmentally friendly, with the basic attributes of future-oriented vehicles comprising multifaceted connectivity, autonomous driving, vehicle sharing & services, and electric drive under the acronym CASE: “Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Services, Electric”.
Importantly, no matter what kind of motor vehicle you like, you can travel and share activities without restriction.
For this reason, we have organized the 36th Motor Expo to promote the Thai automotive industry to expand in line with the new definition and send out a signal to users of all kinds of motor vehicles to touch the start button and throttle up under the concept “Ride and Drive Together Now”.