This Year‘s Concept



Enjoy Driving! Before Driverless Era 
No more than two decades from now the world of automobiles will enter the "Autonomous" era which will make travel comfortable and safe since the computer system and artificial intelligence will be in complete control of the driving and every human’s role will be equally reduced to a mere "passenger".
Moreover, it is predicted that in the autonomous era car sharing will be highly popular. Vehicles will look like modules, similar to one another and moving at the same pace whereas vehicles driven by humans will be confined to race tracks before becoming extinct eventually.
However, imaginations can be let loose only after development of the automotive technology has reached Level 5 - the highest. Today we are still at Level 1-3, though undeniably this happens to be the period in which vehicles are utterly “fun to drive”. 
Because the automobile of yesteryear, even when equipped with a high-performance engine, guzzles fuel, has a high kerb weight and is tough to handle due to limitations of the suspension and safety systems, barring us from the full joy of driving. 
Unlike the vehicle of today which has an aerodynamic exterior, a passenger cabin full of advanced modern amenities and connectivity systems, a high-performance engine, low fuel consumption and emissions, a suspension system that enables excellent handling, and various safety systems especially of the preventive type comprising such amazing technologies as parking assist, driver fatigue warning, lane departure warning, frontal obstacle detection, GPS navigation, intelligent lighting, etc.
Importantly, humans are still in complete control of the driving and almost all of the function systems. 
So, the vehicle of our time – whether powered by a conventional internal combustion engine that has been continuously developed, or by a hybrid power source as in a hybrid or plugged-in hybrid, as well as a pure electric vehicle – each has rapid acceleration, high top speed, good fuel economy and low emissions, complete with safety and comfort.
These features make driving fun and also fulfill our pride as the person in complete control of the vehicle.
For this reason, we organize “The 35th Thailand International Motor Expo 2018" under the concept “Enjoy Driving! Before Driverless Era” to encourage makers to exhibit vehicles equipped with the most advanced technologies yet at the same time rewarding car lovers with the greatest driving experience that was unavailable in the past and may never be found again in the future.