Concept of Motor Expo 2024
Innovative Spirit…Futuristic Vehicles

Constant advancement in automotive technology has brought about numerous innovations in every subsystem of the vehicle including its powertrain, suspension, safety, amenity and connectivity.

Innovation is like the “spirit” that incessantly drives development of the vehicle to fully meet the demands of consumers.  

Evidently, innovation has enabled modern-age vehicles to be pollution-free and environmentally friendly by efficiently replacing fossil fuels with electric power for propulsion. 

Notably, innovations of many other clean energy applications are still under development such as hydrogen power, wind power, hydro power, solar power, as well as E-FUELS – synthetic fuel that is carbon neutral.

This is the spirit of constant innovation, which will lead to the creation of high-performance, safe, comfortable, economical and green vehicles in the near future.

For this reason, we formulate the concept of “The 41st Motor Expo” as “Innovative Spirit…Futuristic Vehicles”.

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