What is the reason and happiness of motor vehicle lovers? 
Maybe because a motor vehicle has many features that are a visual delight and make us desire to learn more about them, e.g. its body design, engine, performance, amenities and sophisticated technologies.
Meanwhile the happiness of a motor vehicle lover is also wide-ranging and diverse according to his taste and interest which can be derived from close contact, inspection of particular parts that intrigue him, test driving and finally owning the vehicle.
That is why “the Motor Expo” which rounds up and displays all types of motor vehicles for viewing, touching and test driving before making purchase decisions, is an event that motor vehicle lovers look forward to. 
Furthermore, the Motor Expo has become a rendezvous for people of like minds to get together, interact and exchange ideas in a lively atmosphere filled with happiness.
For this reason, we have adopted a concept for “The 38th Motor Expo” that characterizes its nature and the meaning of its acronym (“TIME” for Thailand International Motor Expo) as “TIME TO ENJOY!”
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