2023 Theme of Motor Expo :
Theme of The 40th Thailand International Motor Expo 2023
Mobility: Imagination and Beyond

​For a long time previously, when talking about “mobility” we tended to refer only to motor cars as vehicles for journeying and transporting goods by land.
Until not so long ago, people all around the world began to make recreational trips by river, sea and ocean on luxurious watercraft equipped with high-performance engines, thereby expanding the connotation of “mobility” to encompass both land and marine vehicles.
Moreover, in the near future “mobility” will embrace airborne vehicles as well.
Today, drones are extensively used in various activities, clearly indicating that aircraft are increasingly becoming part and parcel of our daily life. And before long, large vehicles such as taxis, public transport as well as private cars will be developed to be airborne too.
The updated meaning of “Mobility” is thus more wide-ranging than before, in response without limitation to the current and future lifestyles’ transport requirements - whether by land, water or air.  
So we draw upon this exciting phenomenon in coining a concept of “The 40th Thailand International Motor Expo 2023” as:
Mobility: Imagination and Beyond.
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