Concept of MOTOR EXPO 2014
Moving Forward Together… ASEAN Autos

▪ In 2015 an important economic occurrence will take place, which is the opening of "ASEAN Economic Community" that will bring about tangible cooperation in business and industry among the 10 ASEAN member countries to strengthen and increase competitiveness of the region.

It is gratifying that according to AEC policy the automotive industry is one of the sectors that will be promoted to share the single market and production base, with Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam being member countries investing in the automotive industry. 

In overall comparison, Thailand's automotive industry has the highest potential, capable of producing over 2 million vehicles per year, half of which being exported to overseas markets. Thailand is a significant production base of the world in the category of 1-ton commercial vehicles or pickup trucks and standard energy-saving vehicles or eco-cars.

Indonesia has the second largest auto industry, which is fast growing thanks to the state promotion of low-cost green cars production. 

Malaysia has the third largest auto industry, with passenger cars, including the national car well known worldwide, accounting for 90 percent of the total output. 

Though producing less than 100,000 cars per annum, the Philippines is a major automotive parts manufacturer of ASEAN while Vietnam has attracted many investments by Chinese manufacturers in production bases for various types of commercial vehicle operating under government support.

The potential of the automotive industry in each of the said countries will develop rapidly after the opening of AEC for many reasons, e.g. free flow of capital, reduction and removal of import tariffs among member countries, the linking of "supply chain" or networking of products and services as well as mobility of skilled labour, resulting in flexibility for operators in procuring raw materials, equipment, machinery and personnel. 

Moreover, the over 600 million total population of the region combined with the expectation that by 2018 the ASEAN automotive market size will be over 4.7 million vehicles per year, ranking sixth in the world, will entice major manufacturers to step up investment in the region on a continuing basis.

As for consumers, both in Thailand and member countries, they also will benefit just as much as operators from the integration of ASEAN auto industry. 

It is evident that if the production and managerial costs of operators are reduced, vehicle prices tend to represent better value for money. When knowhow can be transferred without restriction, production standards and technologies will be higher. And after the fall of the tariff barrier, a wide variety of vehicles will be available in the market for buyers to choose from.

With the realization that the many benefits to producers and consumers made possible by the opening of AEC will be derived more from collaboration of the member countries than through competition to achieve a dominant position, we thus intend to organize “THE 31st THAILAND AND INTERNATIONAL MOTOR EXPO 2014” to project unity and a bright future for the auto industry in the region, under the concept “Moving Forward Together… ASEAN Autos”.
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