Visitor‘s Promotion Campaigns

International Visitors
       BE MY GUEST 2016 is a project in support of the Organizer of “THE 33rd THAILAND INTERNATIONAL MOTOR EXPO 2016” to attract international buyers to the Motor Expo as well as promote trade negotiations and stimulate sales at the event. The project is organized by Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau, or TCEB – a Public Organization, in collaboration with Inter-Media Consultant Co., Ltd., Organizer of “THE 33rd THAILAND INTERNATIONAL MOTOR EXPO 2016” to give financial support gratis for Hotel Rooms up to a maximum value of 4,000 THB / Room / Night.

Documents that must be submitted to the Organizer before visiting the Motor Expo

       1. Registration Form ( MTX_BMG_FORM.PDF ) can be downloaded at
       2. A copy of the passport page with name and photo. All documents must be submitted within October 31, 2016 to Mr. Tanapol P.,
       1. Exhibition organizer will review all submitted document. After application is approved, exhibition organizer will revert confirmation letter to the applicant.
       2. After receiving confirmation letter, the applicant can make reservation to the official hotel, Hotel Novotel Bangkok IMPACT.
       3. Without receiving confirmation letter issued by exhibition organizer, the applicant could not claim to receive this support.


Documents that must be submitted to the Organizer after visiting the Motor Expo

       1. Motor Expo name badge issued by the Organizer


Qualifications and conditions for ffiinancial support

       1. Applicants must be non-residents of Thailand.
       2. Financial support for Hotel Room up to a maximum amount of 4,000 THB / Room / Night.
       3. Applicants can apply for Hotel Room financial support up to 2 Room-Nights.
       4. The financial support is limited to a total of 50 Room-Nights (to be granted in order of application with complete documents as required).
       5. Applicants must stay at Hotel Novotel Bangkok IMPACT only as arranged by the Organizer in order to receive TCEB financial support.
       6. Applicants must submit correct and complete documents as requested by the Organizer to be eligible for the financial support.
       7. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse or revoke the right of an applicant to receive financial support if the applicant’s qualifications do not              meet the Organizer’s conditions.
       8. TCEB reserves the right to revoke financial support if the documents submitted are not correct and complete or do not meet the conditions                  required for financial support from TCEB.
* TCEB: Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (Public Organization)


VISITOR 1. Applicant submits required documents (Registration form; MTX_BMG_FORM.PDF, copy of visitor's passport) to exhibition organizer.
MOTOR EXPO ORGANIZER 2. Exhibition organizer reviews document and proofs the application. After approval, exhibition organizer will isuue confirmation letter to applicant and official hotel (Novotel Impact Hotel).
VISITOR 3. Applicant makes the room reservation with the official hotel (Novotel Impact Hotel).
MOTOR EXPO ORGANIZER 4. Visitor must register at the show's check point and receive name badge from the exhibition organizer.