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          Having braved through the recent economic crisis with considerable difficulty, the Thai automotive industry is brimming with brio again, achieving record sales figures of over 800,000 vehicles in 2010 while production shoots up to 1.7 million vehicles.

          So it is by no means an exaggeration when all concerned predicate that 2011 will be the best year yet of the automotive industry, thanks to the many favourable factors especially the economy that gets stronger day by day, resulting in the populace having more purchasing power and greater demands for all kinds of goods.

          It is evident that though the crisis was overcome not very long ago, the automotive markets of Thailand, both local and export, are now thriving again.

For example, many Chinese manufacturers have decided to introduce their cars in Thailand for the first time. Luxury sports cars from Japan have chosen Thailand as their production base for both domestic and export markets. And the giant manufacturer that has been located here for a long time has expressed further confidence by expanding the production facilities here.

          At the same time, new model launching continues in every category, catering completely to the diverse demands of consumers including eco-friendly vehicles with advanced technology like hybrid cars and vehicles ready for such alternative fuels as Gasohol E20, E85 and diesel B5.


          Moreover, there are eco-cars – quality economy cars advocated by the Government – that are immensely popular among consumers at the moment and attract so much interest in the export market that they are expected to become another “product champion” of Thailand in the future.

Differences and diversity in the ambience of hustle and bustle will render the Thai automotive market in 2011 chock-full of colours, not dissimilar to a flower garden in full bloom.


          With our wish to avail people throughout the land an opportunity to take pleasure in these beautiful automotive flowers, we organize “THE 28th THAILAND INTERNATIONAL MOTOR EXPO 2011” under the theme concept of:-


“Automobile Blossoms in Full Bloom”.

From MRT Chatuchak Station,
you can reach IMPACT by :
1. Bus no. 52 or 150
2. Air-conditioned Public Mini Van from
Chatuchak to Pakkred
From BTS Mo-chit Station,
you can reach IMPACT by :
1. Bus no. 52 or 150
2. Air-conditioned Public Mini Van from
Chatuchak to Pakkred

Changwattana road/ Vipavadee Rangsit

bus no. 29, 59, 95 and A/C bus no. 4, 10, 13,
19 (to north)
bus no. 29, 52 and A/C bus no. 4, 10, 29
(to south)
bus no. 59, 95, 150 and A/C bus no. 13 (to east)

Pakkred Road
bus no. 33, 90, 367 and 359 (to north)
bus no. 32, 33, 51, 90, 104, A/C bus no. 56 and
special A/C bus no. 1 (to south)

Changwattana Road
bus no. 52, 150, 356 and A/C bus no 150
and 356
bus no. 166, 166 (blue) Nam Non Quayside-
Muang Thong

IMPACT also provides a mini van service which
functions only on trade days. The mini van can be
accessed at several pick-up points.

Muang Thong Thani to Victory Monument , Silom,
Ploenchit, Meanburi, Ramkhamhaeng, Future Park
Rangsit and to Central Ladprao .

The Organizer :

Formula magazine, Car Stereo magazine,4 Wheels magazine, The World of Cars magazine,
The World of Cars TV Program - Formula Forum,Spirit of the 4x4 Driving School, and homepage: www.autoinfo.co.th

1143/1 Soi Suthiporn, Rachadapisek Rd., Dingdeang,Bangkok 10400
Tel: 0-2641-8444 (12 lines automatic) Fax: 0-2641-8480

Website: www.motorexpo.co.th e-mail: contact@motorexpo.co.th

Key Visual :
Name of Event :
Venue :

IMPACT Challenger 1-3, Muang Thong Thani
99 Popular Road, Banmai, Pakkret, Nontaburi 11120
Tel 0-2504-5050
Fax 0-2504-0385

Website: www.impact.co.th

Exposition Period : November 30, 2011   :
VIP and PRESS preview day
  December 1, 2011   : Opening Ceremony & Grand Charity Day
  December 1-12,2011   : General public days
Objectives of organizing the expo :

           Though widely accepted that a car is a necessity in our daily life, it is not so easy to own a car. Especially for those of us who want to get their value for money in obtaining a car that is efficient, provides the utilities that he desires, at a fair price.


           The main obstacle to the buyer is that he cannot compare the information of all cars, be it technical, service, price, hire purchase
conditions - within the limited time available. At the same time, the manufacturer and distributor are facing a similar problem of not being able to present their products and service as well as information and data to the tremendous number of potential customers.


           At this juncture between demand and supply, Inter-Media Consultant Co., Ltd. steps in to take the catalyst role by organizing
the Thailand International Motor Expo to facilitate not only the selling of cars , motorcycles , commercial vehicles , and ancillary
equipment but also to create a good relationship and understanding among all players concerned-whether between makers and
consumers , the private sector and the Government , sales agents and their corresponding overseas manufacturers , or between the auto circle and others in the country.


           It can be said that Thailand International Motor Expo has been playing a crucial role in the development of the Thai automotive industry throughout the past two decades, and we shall continue to play this important role right through the new decade and century.

Maximum satisfaction for all parties :

           Every time we organized a "Thailand International Motor Expo" what we never neglected to take care of, apart from making sure the Exposition was as near perfect as possible, was the satisfaction of participants and visitors. With regard to visitors ,
we would make an opinion survey every year by means of questionnaire and use the feedback opinions to improve our show in subsequent years.


           From such questionnaires we learn that the first thing the majority of visitors want is the convenience of the exposition venue , both exhibition area and parking area.In addition, the traffic in the vicinity should flow fairly freely, which is in accordance with the needs of the exhibitors and also of ourselves, who ultimately have to be responsible for the maximum satisfaction of all parties.


           And it is a wonderful opportunity that the 13th Asian Games or Bangkok Games held at the end of 1998 has brought about many
modern and magnificent sports stadiums in the suburb of the Bangkok Metropolis, served by the new expressway and
mass transit that can convey people from the city centre right up there so fast and so conveniently, as already proven during the period of the Games.


           Thus we did not hesitate to choose IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center,Muang Thong Thani, Chaeng Wattana Road
as the new venue for holding the "Thailand International Motor Expo", with its potential reaching well beyond being a mere "exhibition center" to include every aspect of a "city", whether in terms of spacious parking areas, clearly divided between visitors' and exhibitors',
a reliable security system, food courts of various kinds and price brackets, ATM machines, multiple traffic route linkages, conveniently
accessible by both private and public mass transport, also facilitating the concurrent miscellaneous recreational activities that we shall be arranging.


           Therefore the "Thailand International Motor Expo" at the new IMPACT Challenger, Muang Thong Thani is ready to welcome everyone in the family, regardless of sex or age, to benefit something from the outing, which is our proven formula of success - both for the exhibitors and ourselves.

Single-standard rules :

           For participating companies, we know the values of time, planning, investment and economy. Our guideline for action is based on a single standard which is not changeable, concise in practice, and facilitates long-term planning, time-saving and expense-economising. Construction and decorative materials can be so designed as to be reused again and again with only minor modifications. Discipline and adherence to well established rules, we believe, are essential factors that add value to the work, create respectable society and build a culture that is accepted internationally.


           We are ever proud of the fact that we have played a role in helping nurture a decent civilisation in our society.


           Inter-Media Consultant Co., Ltd., with its team of staff under the one and only original administrator, is fully prepared to support your public relations plan to promote your company's reputation and products. We constantly realise that only through your co-operation and generous consideration can we walk together towards our respective glories.

Facts and figures of the Thailand International Motor Expo :
     Facts and figures of the Thailand International Motor Expo
  2007 2008 2009 2010
1 Venue IMPACT Muangtong IMPACT Muangtong IMPACT Muangtong IMPACT Muangtong
2 Date event Dec '07 Dec '08 Dec '09 Dec '10
3 Visitors 1,662,121 1,519,179 1,594,369 1,775,845
     Details of visitors
4 Gender
Male 74.8 63.6 63.4 68.5
Female 25.2 36.4 36.6 38.2
5 Age
Less than 15 years old 2.5 2.1 1.3 1.2
15 - 24 18.2 17.5 11.9 12.5
25 - 34 38.0 39.9 33.6 37.8
35 - 44 22.3 21.9 27.7 29.4
More than 45 years old 19.0 18.6 25.5 20.3
6 Income ( baht / month)
Less than 10,000
2.5 2.1 1.3 1.2
10,001 - 20,000
18.2 17.5 11.9 12.5
20,001 - 30,000
38.0 39.9 33.6 37.8
30,001 - 50,000 22.3 21.9 27.7 29.4
More than 50,000 19.0 18.6 25.5 20.3
7 Domicile
59.6 59.8 65.8 68.4
Central 18.2 17.5 11.9 12.5
North 38.0 39.9 33.6 37.8
South 22.3 21.9 27.7 29.4
East 19.0 18.6 25.5 20.3
Northeast 38.0 39.9 33.6 37.8
West 0.3 0.2 0.2 0.3
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